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C-60 Hardwood Charcoal (21 Capsules)


A Traditional Digestive Aid


Charcoal has been used historically to removed ingested toxins, aiding healthy gut function.

Toxin Buster selectively adsorbs toxins as it travels through the gut, safely & gently eliminating them through stool.

Unlike ‘Medicinal’ or ‘Activated’ charcoal, Toxin Buster is a more naturally produced carbon which only bonds to toxins and intestinal gases, leaving nutrients free to enter the bloodstream.

Calms & conditions the gut; eases bloating, wind and wind pain; improves complexion; reduces acidity in the body & acid reflux; freshens breath; improves better sleep.

Safe and gentle enough to use on a daily basis to help eliminate toxin consumed via the food or water supply.

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